We currently have two books available to buy: Simple Story Selling and The Lead Incubator...

Simple Story Selling is the essential storytelling manual for anyone looking to build trust across the customer journey. Read now to discover:

  • Why storytelling is a business growth lever
  • Why stories build trust
  • The four types of story you can tell
  • How to place the different story types across the customer journey
  • How to entertain, educate and sell, all at the same time
  • How to beat the blank screen for good
  • The ingredients of a compelling story
  • How to make your story relevant to your sales message
  • How to write evergreen stories that won't date
  • How to sharpen and enhance a story for maximum attention
  • How the 'plot archetype' (hero's journey) can enhance your storytelling
  • How to re-use great stories in Facebook Ads, books and other media

The Lead Incubator

The Lead Incubator is Rob's latest mini-book outlining the ingredients of a compelling welcome sequence. The book reveals and explores 12 writing prompts for building trust with new potential clients.

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Reader Feedback...

"Rob Drummond takes the mystery out of how to tell the story of your product or service. He shows us how to connect with people around their needs not just recite the merits of our goods and services. And that is the beginning of success and growth. Rob's gift is making that kind of outstanding marketing available to non-professionals, ordinary business owners. You will be able to write excellent ads and emails after reading Rob's book."
Susan Kuhn

"A thought-provoking book, and one that's incredibly useful to anyone running a business, especially one that delivers high-value personal services of any kind. Prospective customers need to know you, and decide that they like and trust you before they will buy anything. This book provides a unique guide to crafting stories that will engage and entertain your prospects while they build up the confidence to try out your product, service or treatment."
Derek Dearden

"For months now I've been ploughing through Christopher Booker's mighty tome, the Seven Basic Plots, and fascinating as it is, what I was really looking for was a shorter, digested version of the same work with practical writing hints and tips. That is exactly what Simple Story Selling is...all that I needed in the first place.

Easy to follow, practical and interesting, I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to use story-telling as a vehicle for creating engaging blog or email copy to educate, help and entertain."
Amazon Customer

"This book captures the most important aspects of incorporating the stories you tell anyway into your marketing. It's really effective, and especially useful when writing emails or using story in your copywriting. The main thing the book does is help establish an emotional connection, even when online/digital/low-touch. Highly recommended!"
Luke Szyrmer

"If you run a business where you need to build know like and trust, then this book is the answer. Rob shows you how attract your ideal clients while, just as importantly, repelling those you don’t want to work with. This book makes what seems to be a ‘dark art’ in storytelling, simple using a simple process. Everyone tells to use stories but no one shows you how, at least not this simply. You should join Rob’s email list to see his stories in action."
Martin Miller

"If you're new to copywriting this is for you. It explains the hero journey with ups and downs to make your story interesting."
Alfredo Manuel Santos Oliveira Simoes