Our Services

Looking to attract a steady stream of ideal clients? We have a range of options depending on your budget and requirements. The following services are ordered by price from low to high.

Story Selling Lab (£49/mo | $62/mo)

Courses, Training & Accountability

The Story Selling Lab is the place to get the insight and accountability to improve your writing. Take our 'Nurture Email Mastery' course and post your work feedback. Includes monthly Insight webinars and writing challenges.

Guerrilla LinkedIn Ads

Attract an Affordable Stream of Leads on LinkedIn

If you run an expertise-based service business, then LinkedIn is probably your primary pool to find new potential clients.

With Guerrilla LinkedIn Ads I’ll get your LinkedIn ads setup, tracked and optimised. I’ll then show you the controls so you can turn it on or off, or create new ads quickly yourself. If you need it, I’ll help you create a compelling ‘lead magnet’ to offer people in your ads, plus an automated email sequence to nurture your leads.

Results-Based Copywriting

I'll Nurture Your List, You Run Your Business

Need to convert more of your email opt-ins into interested, qualified clients? I can email your list for you, converting your words into compelling emails as and when you need them. Kind of like a 'professional parrot' service. You talk, I'll write. Dial the emails up or down as you need. Plus repurpose your best emails into other channels (social, blog posts, books, print newsletters).

For long-term clients I have a results-based pricing model, so you only pay when the copy delivers results!

Podcasts That Matter

Launch the Podcast Your Audience Needs to Hear

If you can talk extensively, podcasting is a great way to showcase your expertise to the world. With my 'Podcasts That Matter' service, you'll work directly with me (Rob) as your podcast planner and co-host. I'll help launch your podcast, recording episodes in dialogue. (Episodes can be edited down to monologue).

Recording each episode will feel as easy as having an informal conversation. I'll then convert each episode into a high-quality transcript (ideal for repurposing into blog posts, book chapters, etc).