Our Services

Looking to attract a steady stream of ideal clients? We have a range of options depending on your budget and requirements...

Story Selling Lab

The Story Selling Lab is the place to get the insight and accountability to improve your writing. Take our 'Nurture Email Mastery' course and post your work feedback. Includes monthly Insight webinars and writing challenges.

Email Copywriting

Need to convert more of your email opt-ins into interested, qualified clients? With our email copywriting service we'll write and implement your 'Lead Incubator' welcome sequence to go to new prospects. All it takes it 2-3 hours of your time on Zoom. With the Lead Incubator in place, new potential clients will get to know you on autopilot.

On an ongoing basis we can then email your list for you, converting your words into compelling emails as and when you need them. 

Google Ads Consulting

Need a second opinion on your Google Ads strategy or setup? Speak to Rob on a flexible hourly basis. Stay in control of your ads without hiring an ad agency.

Podcasts That Matter (beta)

You can talk for hours about your topic. Clients love listening to your stories. "You should start a podcast!" people exclaim at networking meetings. 

But the podcast has never happened. Other priorities have taken over. The tech feels too overwhelming. You aren't sure what to say, or how much to say. 

With our Podcasts That Matter service you'll work directly with Rob as a guide. You'll plan and record each episode with Rob, with Rob as your guide and podcast host. We'll then take each episode transcript and convert it into emails, blog posts, social posts, print newsletters, books, lead magnets. Your podcast will spawn a multi-channel marketing system that will attract ideal clients.