Leverage Your Wisdom, Insights and Stories to Attract New Clients

Without losing your evenings and weekends operating your marketing department!

You can talk for hours about your topic. Clients love listening to your stories. "You should start a podcast!" people exclaim at networking meetings. 

But the podcast has never happened. Other priorities have taken over. The tech feels too overwhelming. You aren't sure what to say, or how much to say. 

With our 'Podcasts That Matter' service you'll work directly with Rob as a guide. You'll plan and record each episode in dialogue with Rob. We'll then take each episode transcript and convert it into emails, blog posts, social posts, print newsletters, books, lead magnets. Your podcast will spawn a multi-channel marketing system that will attract ideal clients.

  • Conversation-driven approach
  • Get clarity on your podcast strategy
  • Tie each episode to your message and offer
  • Build a marketing system around your podcast
  • Leverage your episode transcripts across other media

Create a podcast strategically to educate your ideal clients. Attract new clients into your world. Leverage your episode content to build a robust body of work around your business.

Please note this service is currently in beta, so you can save some money by becoming an early client. We can also provide you with a range of production quality options, from DIY on your kitchen table, to studio level quality. Please complete the form below to express interest.