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Over the next few episodes I’ll be exploring specific templates from my LinkedIn Conversation Ad Template Pack. The first and most important template is the problem-led approach…

When you’re a true expert in your field, it’s desperately easy to skip or skim over the problem and write about the solution. The trouble is, clients only want to hear about the solution when they’ve already acknowledged they have the problem to begin with!

Additionally, we only want to hear about solutions from people we know and trust. So when you’re messaging people who don’t know you, leading with the problem is a much safer bet. Listen or read now to learn:

  • Why the problem-led template is my ‘workhorse’ ad
  • Why symptoms are sometimes better than problems – especially if you can name the symptom!
  • How to avoid accidentally patronising the reader
  • How to select problems that will get the attention of your ideal client

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