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In this series we’re exploring several templates from my LinkedIn Conversation Ad Template Pack. The ‘2-Step Template’ uses the ‘conversation’ aspect to create a chat bot type interaction with a new potential client. This ad format uses multiple messages to attract the attention of your ideal client, then funnel them down the most relevant path.

This ad format leans on Robert Cialdini’s idea of consistency, where once a prospect has said ‘yes’ once, they’re more likely to say ‘yes’ again. Listen in now as I discuss:

  • Why the short first message needs to scratch at the problem you solve – at a deep emotional level
  • What to put in your second message
  • The ‘dilemma’ variation: a way of letting people self-select which problem they want to solve

The 2-Step format isn’t my go-to conversation ad format, but it’s a useful tool to have in your LinkedIn Ads toolbelt.

Note: the Robert Cialdini book mentioned in the podcast is called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

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