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Some of your marketing efforts will deliver high value, rewarding, profitable clients; and some will not. The trouble is, you usually can’t tell up front which segments of your marketing are delivering the right leads.

If you can find out which slice of your marketing pie is delivering the right people, you can cut out the rest and focus all your resources on that segment. The right segment may have a high cost per click and a high cost per conversion, but if you’re sure they’re the right people, that doesn’t matter. Cost per click and cost per conversion are interim measures.

All that really matters is cost per qualified lead.

On this episode of the Story Selling Podcast, I provide an introduction to the sometimes-complicated topic of lead tracking. Lead tracking is about knowing where every contact in your database originally came from, in order to identify your best campaigns, keywords and audiences.

Listen now as I discuss:

  • What lead tracking is, and why it matters
  • Why lead tracking is a matter of CRM (and not something you’ll find in your ad account)
  • How a cookie-based solution typically works
  • How often to review for lead quality
  • Why to JUST start with paid traffic sources
  • The virtues of keeping it simple!

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