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The most frequent question I’m asked about LinkedIn ads, Google Ads, or any kind of paid ads, is “does it work?

The answer to which, is yes. The ad network will take your money and show your ad, 100% of the time. So yes, it works.

The question behind the question is will it work for you? The answer to which depends on any number of factors: the problem you solve, the volume of people searching, the questions people ask themselves about your topic, and your ability to tap into those questions.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore these questions on the Story Selling Podcast. Today’s episode begins with bidding and budgets, and asks: should you let the ad network manage your bids? Because guess what – that’s the default setting!

Listen now as I discuss:

  • The relationship between budgets and account structure
  • When to leverage automatic bidding – and when to stick to manual bids
  • Why an increase in budget and conversions may not lead to more clients

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