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Podcasting is perhaps the easiest way to communicate your knowledge to the world. Most business owners find it easier to talk than to write – at least on a consistent basis!

In this conversation, Rob Drummond and podcasting expert James Marriott explore the concept of ‘purposeful podcasting’. If your work makes a real difference to the people you serve, then you’ll want to listen to this episode!

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  • Having a platform, such as a podcast, is essential for communicating expertise and building trust.
  • Purposeful podcasting involves creating podcasts with a clear goal and target audience in mind.
  • Strategy and planning are crucial in podcasting to ensure effective communication and engagement.
  • Audio quality plays a significant role in capturing and maintaining listeners’ attention.
  • Video podcasting requires additional considerations and resources, and may not be suitable for all podcasters.
  • Voice and audio communication have a unique power to resonate with and engage listeners.
  • Capturing and maintaining attention in a crowded media landscape is a challenge that requires compelling content and effective promotion. Creating concise content can help win in a marketplace by delivering the same message in a shorter time.
  • Applying the RFM principle (Recency, Frequency, Money) to podcasting can help provide value to specific listeners and increase engagement.
  • Releasing multiple episodes at the beginning of a podcast launch can help engage listeners and build trust.
  • Measuring podcast success should focus on the right audience and specific goals, rather than just the number of listeners.
  • Building a unique equation for success involves identifying the right audience, setting meaningful KPIs, and working towards specific outcomes.
  • Inviting guests on a podcast can deepen relationships and provide networking opportunities.


00:00The Importance of Having a Platform

07:15Defining Purposeful Podcasting

11:01The Importance of Strategy in Podcasting

14:05The Role of Audio Quality in Podcasting

21:10Considerations for Video Podcasting

25:33When to Consider Hiring a Podcast Studio

29:23The Distinction Between Audio and Video Podcasting

37:11The Power of Voice and Audio Communication

40:56The Challenge of Capturing and Maintaining Attention

44:20The Power of Concise Content

45:00Applying RFM Principle to Podcasting

45:41Engaging Listeners with Multiple Episodes

46:50The Benefits of Binge Culture

49:19Measuring Podcast Success Beyond Numbers

52:45Building a Unique Equation for Success

56:07Using Guests to Deepen Relationships

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