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‘Editing’ is everything you do between the finished draft and a published piece of copy. Editing will expand to fill all available space, if you let it. (If you’re editing an AI-generated draft, your editing problems become MUCH worse!) The longer the piece, the more editing is required.

Last time I updated my Simple Story Selling book, I employed the services of Patty French to help me. Over a book you become (very) blind to your own mistakes. And while I’m a good editor, I’m not a professional. Patty is.

So in this conversation we have an in-depth discussion about the editing process, including the application and limitations of AI tools. If you have a lead magnet or book in the works, you’ll want to listen to this one! We discuss:

  • 00:00: The Issue of Proximity and Editing
  • 02:01: The Importance of Professional Editing
  • 08:39: Different Types of Editing
  • 14:06: The Challenges of Converting Audio and Video into Written Content
  • 17:58: The Role of Grammarly in Editing
  • 21:28: Line Editing and Proofreading
  • 24:08: The Importance of Coherence and Flow
  • 28:35: The Impact of Rhythm and Accent on Writing
  • 31:00: Top Editing Tips: Reduction, Clarity, and Flow
  • 36:03: The Emergence of Prompt Editing in AI
  • 38:08: Using ChatGPT as a Prompt Coach
  • 38:47: Understanding the Limitations of AI
  • 40:06: The Potential Impact of AI on the Writing World
  • 41:18: Using AI to Generate Content
  • 45:12: Adapting to the Changing Role of Humans in Writing
  • 46:31: The Need for Judgment and Human Input
  • 47:53: Separating Writing and Editing Processes
  • 51:40: Using AI for Transcription and Editing

Links mentioned:

My previous Editing Episode
Orson Lord’s Prompt Editing episode

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