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I’ve been podcasting, on and off, for five years.

Podcasting is a weird form of self-therapy. If you’re an expert in your topic you want to talk about it, all the time.

But the more you podcast, the more you become conscious of audio quality. Yes, your listeners show up primarily for the content. But asking people to listen to rambling thoughts on a scratchy microphone will eventually drive people away.

On the latest episode of the Story Selling Podcast, I interview podcast editor Matt Bliss. I wanted to know:

  • How good is good enough?
  • How to find the right mic for your voice
  • Efficient podcast editing workflow
  • How to achieve good sound quality while avoiding perfectionism
  • The impact of AI on editing
  • Matt’s top 80/20 editing tips

If you run a podcast, webinars, or regular online events, this is a mandatory listen. Matt also edited this episode, so you may be interested in comparing the edited footage to the raw conversation (see the trailer below).

Links mentioned:

Matt’s LinkedIn | website.

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Episode trailer:

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