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Processes are foundational to any successful system. If you find your marketing communications are sporadic or inconsistent, that in part can be a failure of process.

A good process not only frees up your own time, it also absolves your staff (or remote team) of responsibility when things go wrong. If they followed the process, then blame the process!

I created a prolific set of processes when I ran an AdWords agency, however I’ve never fully replicated this with copywriting. However today’s guest, Konrad Sanders, very much has. Listen in as we discuss:

  • 03:28 Creation, analysis, implementation: optimizing, proofreading, checking, documenting.
  • 07:58 Started freelance journey with creative copywriting blog.
  • 10:35 Expertise in frameworks, methodologies, and processes fuel growth.
  • 14:38 Methodology and processes go hand in hand.
  • 17:29 Gemba Kaizen book inspired an Oopsie thread.
  • 21:59 “How is more important than why”
  • 24:25 Why and how differ in customer journey. Buying emotionally at first, then seeking tested methodology. Documentation for reassurance and improvement.
  • 28:20 Documenting processes helps agencies define their proposition.
  • 33:00 ChatGPT exploded, easy-to-use interface, collaborative AI.
  • 34:30 Technology is an essential tool for creativity.
  • 40:52 Using ChatGPT as research and validation tool.
  • 42:10 Spitting out transcripts, emails, social posts, starting point for editing.
  • 45:43 13 lenses: copy/content checklist of compelling, convincing, converting content. Goldfish lens prioritized, top of the spreadsheet.
  • 48:35 Eye-friendly design crucial for reader engagement.

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