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If you run an expertise-based service business, chances are you need to educate new potential clients when they enter your world. That ‘education’ could take various forms: social posts, webinar, book, email sequence, video.

Many of these things go hand in hand as part of a cohesive marketing strategy. But for me, email is still the best way to foster a relationship with new prospects based on know, like and trust.

In this episode I explain the latest iteration of my ‘welcome email sequence’ blueprint: The Lead Incubator. Read or listen now to learn:

  • The business case for a great welcome sequence
  • How many emails to include (initially) in your sequence
  • How often to email
  • Where to place your calls to action
  • How many calls to action to include
  • How to drip your story efficiently and effectively across the sequence
  • How to attract and keep the attention of your ideal clients (and ONLY your ideal clients!)
  • How to share your own story, while also making each email pertinent to your reader

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