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Good storytelling communicates the core essence of who you are and what you can do for your clients. In short, we’re showcasing and broadcasting your unique genius. But to broadcast your genius, you first have to be crystal clear on what that genius is.

Uncovering your genius by yourself is hard. We easily under-appreciate the value we really provide – a problem made worse by our education systems.

In this episode I explore ways to uncover your genius with repeat guest Aveline Clarke. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why there is gold in your lessons from the school of hard knocks!
  • Why the matrix of Western living tends to obscure your genius
  • Why your genius – when located – gives off a magnetic vibration for your ideal client
  • Why you should write your story before telling it in video (hint: this is to do with co-creation)
  • Why self-understanding lies at the core of empathy, and therefore trust
  • How to accept who you are, right now, today
  • The ‘artistic’ and ‘entrepreneurial’ framework to business
  • How to sense there is a misalignment between you and your work… and how to fix it
  • How comparing yourself to competitors can cause a misalignment
  • The interplay between purpose and genius… and the role of intuition
  • Why you are a leader – and why the world needs better leaders!

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Aveline’s LinkedIn | website | podcast. Her previous Story Selling Podcast episode on customer journey planning is here.

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