There is more scope for corporate expression than most people think; and this is especially true for brands! Your brand has a voice. It can tell a story. That story can be used to engage your ideal customer.

On this episode I interview brand storytelling expert Felice Ayling. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why the old style of marketing repetition isn’t working anymore
  • Why your brand’s story should be oriented around your customers
  • Why you’re the guide, mentor or catalyst
  • Why story is essential if you don’t want to be perceived as a commodity
  • Why it’s a brave step to tell your story (and why telling your story seems to run ‘against the grain’)
  • How to test the impact of your story using A/B testing
  • How storytelling can maximise marketing ROI (by eliminating waste)
  • Why you should lean on your personality traits in your storytelling
  • Why it’s essential to consider how your message will be perceived in the marketplace

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