Your storytelling can only be as good as your awareness of the world around you. This awareness is multi-dimensional and runs DEEP into what it means to be human.

This episode could well become a foundational pillar of everything else that I teach. Listen in as Marti Spiegelman and I discuss:

  • Why awareness and consciousness are intimately tied to storytelling
  • Why we know things first through our senses – before language comes
  • How stories instruct us to grow and evolve – overcoming challenges through adaptability
  • The role of archetypes in storytelling (why an archetype is wisdom encapsulated)
  • How your origin story relates closely to the world around you
  • Why barefoot running (or walking) can expand your awareness
  • Simple exercises you can do to improve awareness

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Links mentioned:

The Two-million Year Old Self (book)

Marti’s TEDx talk | LinkedIn

Marti’s course: Introduction to Precision Consciousness

Marti’s previous episode on Consciousness in Business

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