Telling your story is an authentic way to build trust with potential customers. But should everyone be telling stories, regardless of industry? How do you make the story relevant to your message?

On this episode I pick apart these questions with pro copywriter James Daniel. Listen now as we discuss:

  • Why stories prime your customer’s mind in thinking about your topic
  • Why the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ is the ultimate archetypal story
  • How to identify multiple ‘off ramps’ or bridge concepts at the end of your When to tell your own stories and when to create a parable
  • How much to consider the reader in selecting your stories
  • How to take an inventory of your own life stories
  • How to tell more engaging stories on LinkedIn
  • How to honour your relatives with great stories!
  • The ‘Superman’ or ‘Mary Poppins’ role in business storytelling
  • Why your ‘About Us’ page is the definitive storytelling opportunity
  • How to gather compelling customer stories (testimonials)
  • Why to collate your stories before selecting stories or evaluating the use case
  • How to write compelling emails every day – if you want!

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Links mentioned:

James’s website | LinkedIn

James’s Email Infinity training course

James’s previous episodes on the Story Copywriter Podcast discussing Video Scripts and ChatGPT

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