A LOT of people have jumped on the AI copywriting bandwagon this year. The thing that separates the beginners from the pros seems to be your ability to create effective prompts.

One of the best people I know at creating prompts is repeat podcast guest Orson Lord. Orson is a videographer and storyteller, but has also gone DEEP down the AI rabbit hole. Listen now as we discuss:

  • How to use AI to shave time off routine writing tasks
  • What AI is good at
  • What AI is NOT good at! (hint: this might be ‘wisdom’)
  • Why SOP – standard operational procedures – are required for AI
  • How to structure an effective AI prompt
  • What work AI will NEVER be better at than a human
  • Where to apply AI in the writing process
  • How to squeeze maximum value from your podcast (using AI)
  • How to use ‘expert personas’ and follow-up prompts
  • How to maintain and grow a database of efficiency-gaining prompts

Please note the MP3 download link is in the top right corner of the player. Also on Apple Podcasts / Spotify / all the usual podcast places.

Note: If possible I recommend you watch the video version of the podcast, as you’ll be able to see the exact prompt Orson enters into ChatGPT. I’ve also included that section of the call below as a separate video.

Links mentioned:

Orson’s website | LinkedIn

Orson’s course: www.1-day-ai-accelerator.com/landing-page

Orson’s previous episodes on the Story Copywriter Podcast: Part 1 | Part 2

Episode trailer:

Full Episode:

Prompt Demo section:

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