I keep coming back to storytelling in my work as a core technology of human connection. The principle that underpins this is human consciousness. On a purely functional level a good story raises your reader’s level of consciousness about themselves or the world around them.

In this episode Marti Spiegelman explains why this matters in business, and also for society at large. In this interview you’ll find the answer to why storytelling matters, as well as:

  • How to approach humanity in business when you’ve been brought up in a rational scientific ethos
  • The importance of human energy and connection
  • Why the elders in indigenous culture are exerts in consciousness
  • Why “full consciousness” matters in business
  • How to avoid confrontation and false problem solving
  • The use of relative and absolute truth
  • Why marketing is not about convincing somebody to choose A over B
  • The difference between the ego and the collective
  • Why ‘The Collective’ isn’t limited to humans
  • The role (and importance) of profit in connected systems
  • The transformative effect of consciousness – and why this takes time

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