Mike Garner is a content and email conversion copywriter. He has a simple and important message: your story matters!

On this call we discuss Mike’s new book Stories That Matter: The Everyday Stories of Extraordinary Business People, plus a ton of storytelling insights. Listen in now to learn:

  • How good storytelling is a catalyst for change
  • Why your story is important and worth telling
  • How to make your story relatable to your ideal client
  • Where to tell your personal story
  • How storytelling can negate the need for a ‘hard sell’
  • How to pinpoint the golden thread that runs through your story
  • Mike’s assessment of ChatGPT
  • How to foster and nurture creativity
  • How stories from deep in the past can be highly relative to your message
  • The importance and usefulness of regular journaling

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Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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