The three reasons to infuse your marketing with authentic stories are to entertain, educate and enlighten. Often we’re laying the groundwork for an offer that will come down the line.

BUT when that offer comes, it needs to be right!

In 2019 Angela Tsai and her business partner launched a bunch of products and courses that totally flopped. So, she set out to find out why

Listen in now as we discuss the art and craft of creating a compelling offer. On the call we discuss:

  • Angela’s results sharing personal stories on LinkedIn
  • Why you need to get to the heart of your core messaging before adopting a storytelling approach
  • Why understanding and telling your story feeds into the New Renaissance
  • Why the wrong offer will undermine all other marketing efforts
  • How to overcome fear of making a bold offer
  • How to capture your prospect’s attention using ‘the trigger’
  • What to consider before creating your offer
  • How to adopt an ‘agile’ or ‘beta’ approach to offer creation

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Part 1: Storytelling as part of a personal transformation

Part 2: Offer creation

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