On this episode I catch up with Roberta Ravella, who is a course graduate of my Nurture Email Mastery course. Roberta is a marketing strategist for realtors and mortgage professionals. I think Roberta does a great job of telling stories in her work! In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss:

  • How to select relatable stories to tell
  • How tell stories that attract people who share your values
  • Why niching down can help your storytelling
  • How to use post-it notes to plan stories
  • What we really think of Frank Kern
  • When to tell personal stories – and how much is too much
  • How to avoid patronising your reader (even accidentally!)
  • How to pick out current events to weave into your stories and showcase your expertise
  • How to write about your passions and make it engaging
  • How to put the right story in the right place
  • How to tell stories on YouTube

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Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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