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Publishing a book can be a great way to attract a steady stream of qualified prospects. BUT, writing a book is a lot of work! At least, that’s the assumption…

In this episode I interview Vicky Quinn Fraser about the concept of ‘MicroBooks’. A MicroBook is a short nonfiction book that delivers a powerful transformation to the right reader. Listen now to learn:

  • What a ‘MicroBook’ is and how to make it mighty
  • How to leverage changes in publishing to share your message with a wider audience
  • How to write books that generate real, qualified leads for your business
  • How the best books provide a tangible transformation
  • How long a MicroBook should take to write
  • Whether to dictate your MicroBook rather than write it
  • Tips for effective self-publishing
  • How to use AI as part of the writing process

Links mentioned in the conversation:

Politics and the English Language (George Orwell) (or on Amazon)

IngramSpark (one self-publishing option)

ProWritingAid (similar to Grammarly)

Vellum (Vicky’s typesetting software for Mac)

Vicky’s website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

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