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Anyone can tell stories. Stories are an everyday part of the human experience. But what allows a great story to stand the test of time?

This episode takes a deep dive into the plot archetype structure. Rob reviews Christopher Booker’s book The 7 Basic Plots, and examines whether we can apply the key lessons to business storytelling. Listen now to learn:

  • Why the plot archetype structure is a tool, not a requirement
  • How to leverage deep principles to tell better stories
  • How and where to use the plot archetype structure in your marketing

Listener Feedback

“Listened to your episode today. Opened my ears and eyes.
Really helped me get the storytelling formula into my thick head.

I was good at science in school – absolutely sh1t at English because I just couldn’t get my head around there not being a right or wrong answer.

Or should I say formula for good essay/article/email writing etc

Thanks for getting it all into perspective for me.

Looking forward to next weeks pod now.”

John Pickering

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