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Beat The Blank Screen and Write Compelling Stories On Demand

Nurture Email Mastery is my 5-week business storytelling training. This course builds on the techniques described in Chapter 5 of Simple Story Selling (about Storytelling Basics). Learn to put these techniques into practice and get active feedback from Rob on your work.

PLUS, complete the training within 5 weeks, and save 80% off your training costs. (Details below).

Is This Familiar?

You have an idea for a new email. But writing the email feels... intimidating.

First you have to beat the terrifying expanse of a blank Word document. Then you have to decide what story you are going to tell.

Eventually after hours of mental anguish you decide that all your stories are too boring, and skip the story all together. You stick to writing about your product's features and benefits.

But something seems to be missing. Some sense of connection, or compassion with your reader.

You know you want to say more. You know you need to connect with your readers on an emotional level. You know you need to demonstrate how you really understand them... perhaps even better than they understand themselves.

You just don’t know where to start.

The Alternative…

Imagine instead that you sit down to write a marketing email. As you type the first words you already know exactly what you're going to write about. And best of all, you have an unlimited pool of story ideas to draw from.

Creating a compelling email doesn't take all day. Perhaps you even do this in the quiet hour before everyone else gets to work.

Every email you write goes out to thousands of engaged prospects who expect and want to receive your emails.

By the time a prospect decides to engage your services they feel like they know you. They are no longer asking for references. They are no longer trying to compare you with 10,000 other ‘vendors’. They like your stories, they like what you have to say and they want to work with you. They understand your unique value. Sales becomes a formality rather than a stressful pitch.

If you're a marketing professional you'll learn how to write this type of email for your clients. You'll learn how to convert everyday events into compelling stories.

This Is What You Get With Nurture Email Mastery

Nurture Email Mastery is a live 5 week online course designed to take you from copywriting novice to experienced email storyteller. You’ll learn:

  • How and when to tell stories in your marketing emails.
  • The foolproof seven-step production process anyone can follow with no prior writing experience
  • How to tell stories that communicate your beliefs, values and uniqueness
  • How to weave sales information about your products and services into your stories
  • How to systematically produce compelling emails in one hour or less without ever running out of things to write about

What This Course Is NOT

Nurture Email Mastery is not a passive series of videos. It is a practical doing course. There is work involved and weekly assignments. If you're up for the work, Nurture Email Mastery will help you achieve great email marketing results. Whether you're working on your own emails or working with clients, this is a valuable skill.

The course is structured to be roughly one-third me talking, one-third you doing the work, and one-third blank space.

Blank space is time for you to put what you are learning into practice. Time for you to get feedback in the course support forum. Time for you to internalise the principles. We also have dedicated 'writing days' built into the program. 

Week 1

Week 1 starts by laying the groundwork for the course. Before you write anything, you'll learn how to research, store and organise email ideas. By the end of Week 1 you'll have a bank of story ideas ready to use, so you'll never again wonder what to write about. 

Week 2

In Week 2, you'll take one of your story ideas and blueprint it using a timeline. At this stage, you'll check that the story contains sufficient drama, and decide how you will transition from your story to your sales message.

Week 3

In Week 3, you'll take your timeline blueprint and create a 'Speedy First Draft'. This is the first point that you'll write anything in Word. Rather than attempting to draft your email from start to finish, you'll learn how to simply expand your timeline into written copy. (Even if you're not a 'writer', I guarantee that everyone can accomplish this step!)

You'll also look at more advanced story selection in Week 3, and learn how to select stories that hold the attention of your audience.

Week 4

In Week 4, you'll edit your 'Speedy First Draft' into a more complete second draft. Your email will be 75% complete at this point. You'll also learn how to add intrigue, suspense and conflict to heighten the drama in your story. (There are three types of conflict you can use, and only one is physical).

Week 5

Finally in Week 5, we'll reconnect your story to your sales message in a seamless link. You'll finish the course by editing your email to maximise persuasion.

Take a look behind the scenes:

If you put in the time and work, I WON'T let you fail...

Nurture Email Mastery is a doing course, but you're by no means left to fend for yourself. If you put in the work you will come out of the course with the ability to write compelling emails. It is my responsibility to you to make sure you achieve this.

It is your responsibility to show up and put in the time. It is my responsibility to make sure you leave with a valuable skill in exchange.

Is that a fair deal?

As part of the course you also get access to the 'Office Hours' recordings (mentioned in the video above) from the initial live course cohort. You'll see the questions my other students have asked each week, and the answers I gave.

On top of that you can ask unlimited questions in the course support forum. At no point will you be left to fend for yourself!

I'm Betting On You... (How Much Is It?)

Nurture Email Mastery costs $597 USD as a one-time fee. HOWEVER, by actively participating in the training you can save 80% of that fee! 

When you complete the order form below you'll be charged a 20% course deposit. Complete the training within 5 weeks and we'll waiver the remaining $477.60.

I don't make this offer freely on my website. You're only receiving this offer because you own my Simple Story Selling book.

This offer is based solely on your participation, NOT on the quality of your work! I'm not expecting you to turn pro overnight. I just need to see that you have engaged with the assignments each week. If you can do that it's MY responsibility to teach you the skills.

Up for the challenge? Complete the form below now to begin your training.

Please note the 20% deposit offer may be removed at any time.

Got questions about Nurture Email Mastery? Contact us.

I think it’s the only online course I have ever completed AND learned exactly what I was meant to learn!

I don’t think I’m very good at it yet but practice makes perfect and I now have the framework which is so useful. Makes writing emails feel a whole lot less daunting. 

I liked the fact you built in rest days/practice days as it helped me to feel less pressured.

I definitely felt supported throughout the course. I really liked that about it.

Nikki Uglow

The step by step production process is clear and methodical. The process for organising story ideas and distilling a story down to a ‘one idea’ are ideas I never would have considered. If you want to be a writer then following these steps will definitely help you to write more engaging emails.

Another outcome of the course is I am now better at spotting story ideas when I see them. 


Sara Khoudary

At the start of this course I was a little anxious that the rigidity of my well-practised academic writing style would be difficult to break. But this was not the case.

The course shows you how to take the story that’s inside your head, get in down on paper and develop it step by step until you’ve got the final product. With this clear and well-defined process, I found it easy to adapt to writing story-based nurture emails.

After completing the course, I have added another element to my writing skills arsenal. I’ve only just started writing in this style so it’s going to take practice to perfect it. But the process and knowledge is in place. I just have to follow it.

The principles are easily applied to writing emails, creating presentations, web pages, videos or podcasts.

I’d highly recommend this course for anyone looking to communicate with their customers, audience or peers in a way that we all find interesting and engaging.

We all love listening to stories. We all have stories to tell. This course will give you the tools to tell your stories in a way that sells. 

David MacGregor

David MacGregor