It’s an observable fact that marketing companies tend not to be very good at marketing themselves.

I believe this is an issue of proximity rather than competence. It’s easier to write copy for someone else’s business than for your own. (Much easier, in fact!)

This problem isn’t limited to marketing agencies. Whatever your line of work, marketing your own services throws up various problems:

1. You already know your topic intimately, your potential clients do not

2. You understand the terminology, they do not

3. Consequently you’re in a poor position to understand their hopes, fears and dreams

As you write it’s tempting to focus on the mechanisms of your work rather than the outcome. To help combat this I find it helps to write out a ‘CWBAT’ statement.

CWBAT = Customer Will Be Able To

In fact, it helps to write this out on a Post-it note and pin it to your monitor so it’s always in line of sight!

On Thursday I’m co-running a free workshop called Ignite Your Marketing Purposefully in 2024.

So, what’s the CWBAT?

To arrive at the CWBAT it sometimes helps to split your main idea into three. For me, ‘ignition’ happens when you have clarityflow and fit.

Clarity comes from understanding your own unique genius and how to express it.

Flow comes when the right words come easily. The right stories to illustrate your message naturally come to the surface. Crafting a new message each day feels easily doable, not a painful chore.

Fit comes from an overlap between your message and the conversation potential clients are currently having about your topic.

We all have a blind spot for understanding our own genius. We have another for hearing the things clients are really thinking. If you’re making plans for next year, then join us on Thursday. You’ll come away with one insight in each area to work on immediately.

That’s the CWBAT. One insight in each area. One action to implement. Clear, incremental improvements.

Register here (on LinkedIn)

This is a live-only session with active participation. We may publish some snippets afterwards but there won’t be a full replay.

If you’re not on LinkedIn and would like to attend please let me know.

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