There’s a long-running debate in marketing about whether it’s best to tell your story in writing or in video...

My stance is that video is better for the initial engagement, but written allows people to get to know, like and trust you at a deeper level.

Your earliest memories are sometimes a good starting point for planning an initial engagement video. One of my earliest memories growing up is of ‘playing rugby’ with my grandad in his lounge across a noisy suspended floor.

Watching rugby is a funny, polarised beast. You’re encouraged to like whatever form of the game you grew up watching. (In my case, rugby union). But over time, I’ve developed a love for rugby league.

Last season we went to watch St. Helens vs Wigan in the Challenge Cup semi-final and sat in the thick of the St Helens fans. Imagine all the passion of a football derby, but without the football. Twenty seconds into the match the guy behind me stood up and bellowed down my earhole: “hit ‘im! Break his neck!”

So goes it, in St Helens vs Wigan matches, apparently.

Wigan won that game, in the end. (With no broken necks). This season we’ve been to Newcastle to watch the Super League ‘Magic Weekend’ (3 games in one day, plus many beers). We’ve been to Wembley to watch the Challenge Cup final. And we’ve been to the Super League final, where Wigan overcame Catalan.

We’ve also been to a load of Sheffield Eagles games, who are the local team. Going back to our discussion of video, I LOVE the video they’ve produced to promote season tickets for next season. Take a look:

Sheffield Eagles

The question in producing these things isn’t how much you should talk about yourself, or how much you should talk about your customer, or how you should allegedly ‘make the customer the hero of the story’ (a flaky concept, in my opinion). The question is: what does it make the viewer feel.

Stories are the realm of the body. In telling a story you aim to make a potential client feel something, rather than appealing to reason. Feelings and emotion are the basis on which decisions are rationalised.


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