“Writing is more than the words on the page; it’s about who you become in the process…
Emma Dhesi

I followed along with Emma Dhesi’s ‘Be a Bestseller 5.0’ video series last week. There were notably more presentations this year about writing mindset and resilience. (Previous years have focused more on storytelling craft.)

I’ve been chewing over this idea of writing resilience…

If you’re responsible for your own content, then ultimately the buck stops with you. But to produce great content consistently, do you need better writing skills and an appreciation of storytelling craft? Or do you need a different writing mindset and greater resilience?

My feeling is it’s 20% skill, 80% mindset and resilience…

Ultimately, mindset comes from doing. Resilience comes from how you get back on the writing horse when you miss a deadline, or when business becomes too overwhelming.

It’s much easier to do this in community than by yourself. I’m making a few changes to my training community from February, including a free level if you’d like to dip a toe in. More to follow on this.

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