On last week’s ‘Ignite Your Marketing in 2024’ workshop we ran a poll asking attendees what they felt their biggest marketing blocker was for next year.

‘Budget limitations’ (or lack of resources) came in third. ‘Lack of time’ and ‘not knowing where to start’ were the two big blockers.

To me, time and clarity feel like two sides of the same coin. If you’re the voice of your business the key limiting resource is always time. You could easily spend all day working in your marketing department. The issue of not knowing where to start simply makes things worse.

My clients generally find it easier to talk about their work rather than write about it. Talking is an older and more natural human activity than writing. Your brain is wired for conversational stories.

The main thing I do with clients is record interesting conversations and pick out golden threads of narrative.

I think this is also how every writer writes, even when writing alone. You talk through in your head what you are trying to say before you write. Writing is a form of dialogue with yourself.

The problem with the ‘conversation first’ approach has always been the grunt work of preparing a good-quality transcript and pulling out the relevant parts.

Back in the early days, I used to create my own transcripts. I would transcribe quickly and selectively, doing a cursory editing job as I went. Even so, it quickly becomes too time-consuming. Plus transcribing isn’t very enjoyable, so my brain finds other things to watch on YouTube instead

My next iteration was to use a human transcription service. Services like Rev.com will give you a decent-quality transcript, but for large amounts of audio the cost can become prohibitive. Even with a good transcript I’d still need to spend an hour or two tidying it up.

Fast forward to 2022, and enter ChatGPT…

I’ve tried various ways to plug transcripts into ChatGPT. So far I’ve only found ChatGPT to be helpful for small sections of transcript. The longer the transcript, the more likely you’ll get mistakes or ‘creative liberties’ appearing.

It’s important to ask ChatGPT to act as a ‘transcript editor’ and to stick to the source transcript as far as possible. But even then, the results have been variable.

Still, I think the approach is correct. Essentially we’re going from Human conversation > AI Edit > Human edit. The goal is to get a good-quality transcript as fast as possible.

I.e. Human > Computer > Human (although not necessarily in equal amounts)

Things move quickly in the AI space. In a year or two, you might not have to write the first draft. You’ll be able to model your own writing style into a chatbot based on your previous writing. Your role will then be to edit, sharpen, refine and redraft.

Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever fully outsource my first drafts to an AI tool. Writing brings me joy. It is how I process ideas.

I make more use of AI for client projects than I do for my own writing. What I’m trying to do with my clients is shift the transcript closer to being the first draft.

The most recent AI tool I’m playing with is Castmagic. In Castmagic you upload audio or video files. The tool then runs the audio through ChatGPT4 to create a good automated transcript.

You can then run queries to create draft content based on your input files. This can range from complete blog posts and draft emails, to page headline variations and emotional hooks. I’ve found it more useful for inspiration than for output.

There is no need to be stuck in your writing. There is no need to be stuck for testing and optimisation ideas.

On Thursday’s insight webinar, I’ll show you round Castmagic. I’ve been sufficiently impressed to cancel my other AI transcription subscriptions. If you find talking easier than writing, you should join us.

Read more and join us here

12 – 1.30 PM UK time on Thursday.

My Castmagic presentation will be the first 30 minutes. After that, it’s open QnA. Drop in and out when you can.

Just a reminder that founder-rate pricing ends on Friday. You can lock in at the founder rate by joining us this week. A cast iron 14-day money-back guarantee applies on all plans.

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