I’ve thought a lot about AI over the recent months. Broadly I have some reservations…

From a copywriting perspective, AI may be fuelling more problems than it solves. The world doesn’t need more rehashed, regurgitated content. The world doesn’t need more pointless, stupid, unwanted marketing noise-making. There is already too much noise and not enough signal.

What the world needs is more humanness. More authenticity. More connection. People want the benefit of your experience and perspective. They want to hear from the unfiltered version of you.

I fully acknowledge and accept that AI will play a role in production. But in the grand scheme of ‘things you can outsource to AI’, long-form copywriting is quite a way down the list.

Currently, I think AI should be used extensively to gather, analyse and organise your raw material. You might even start from editing an AI-prepared outline, rather than starting from a blank screen. These are all obvious efficiency gains.

I’m not currently letting AI near my final drafts, because it creates too big an editing headache. You also lose fine control over pacing, voice and rhythm.

The human ingredients that AI lacks are experiencejudgement and stories. You can provide all of these things without doing much of the initial ‘writing’ if you wish, but you have to retain control of the final wording.

Words contain power. I’d argue in fact that words create a vibration, or feeling. The right client will resonate with that feeling. The wrong words will destroy this feeling, or send out the wrong vibration.

Besides, if you’re writing copy where the exact wording doesn’t matter too much, should you even be writing it?

AI will change the world of marketing in the coming years. Of that much I am sure. The question is, how.

Today’s Story Selling Lab ‘Insight’ webinar will take a deeper look at an AI tool called Castmagic (see yesterday’s video). If you’re serious about writing, publishing and nurturing your audience base, I do think you need one such tool in your writing toolbelt. Plus if you find talking easier than writing, you should definitely join us!

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Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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