Sheffield seems to be a city under permanent reconstruction. My kids like the cranes and diggers that frequently clutter the city centre. I’m left standing there scratching my head, thinking: “What was here before?” Or: “Wasn’t there a pub here once??

One of the areas being worked on at the moment is Fargate, which in times past was the main shopping street. Recently you could see two old tram rails curving away down the street and underneath the cobbles…

I’m fascinated by hints of the past – in particular old rails and stations. I can’t help but imagine how things once were. (There is zero other evidence that trams ever ran down Fargate.) Most of the time the past is erased from the present, but sometimes you can see clues.

In the telling of your story there is always something that came before. Stories from your past echo in your current self. You can’t divorce the past from the present.

If you were to tell your story fully you would need to go right back to day 0. For our purposes this is rarely necessary, so instead you need to decide the start and end points.

The end point is usually the upturn in fortune that showcases the transformation you provide. The start point is the direct opposite of that moment. This opposite moment could be relatively recent, or it could be further back in your past.

In reality, you will probably have multiple ‘opposite moments’ to choose from, and may use different starting points for different audiences. To begin with you need to identify each story so you can examine it more closely.

Our next Story Selling Lab accountability call is tomorrow, at noon UK time. If you haven’t a clue where to begin telling your story, come along and throw a few ideas at me. We’ll pinpoint which story you should work on next.

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