Do you play golf? I personally don’t, but my in-laws do. I think I’ve played once and managed to hit the ball… once!

Marketing is a little like golf. Addictive. Frustrating. Rewarding. Looks easier than it is.

Imagine you’re teeing off at the first hole. You have a clear sight of the hole, 250 yards away, flag fluttering in the breeze. Most marketing systems are elaborate ways of trying to hit a hole in one. Book funnels, video sales letters, and so on are attempts to whack a ball into the hole from tremendous distance!

A hole-in-one is possible, of course. But it’s not the starting point. There are easier and less glamorous ways to go about this.

My marketing approach is to work my way toward the hole, taking perhaps 85 shots. Each shot is another email, letter, or some other communication. By the time I’m on the green wielding my putter, I want the last shot to be unmissable. By the time I make a sales pitch, I’m just tapping balls into the hole!

In my business, potential clients usually start quite a long way from the hole, so I have this daily email system where I’m constantly tapping people further forward.

In your business, potential clients may start closer to the green. Still, asking them to ‘request a quote’ or ‘book a demo’ may not be the best first step. That’s like trying to loft the ball in from distance with a 5-iron. You’re going to have to hit a lot of balls to get many in.

The further out you can engage people and begin tapping towards the hole, the earlier you take them ‘off the market’. By the time they’re on the green, they trust you and only want to work with you. That’s the game here.

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