There’s tremendous pressure on marketing service providers to show up as specialists. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: if you hire a Google Ads consultant then you want that to be their day-to-day focus.

The trouble is that hiring a gang of specialists forces you to act as a project manager. It’s like hiring a plumber, electrician, builder and roofer to work on your home, and hoping they all talk to each other. (They won’t.)

Having specialists drop in here and there also doesn’t encourage a holistic approach. The responsibility is on you to have the overall vision for your marketing. Unless you love marketing that probably isn’t your skillset.

So here’s the thing. People don’t silo your communications into ‘channels’ like you probably do. They just see you wherever they see you. As Howard Gossage once said, people read whatever interests them and sometimes that’s an ad!

We all approach marketing through the filter of our own media biases. Me included. I refuse to have any meaningful business presence on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, simply because I personally don’t like those platforms.

Which isn’t to say they wouldn’t work for me; it’s more that I can’t commit to show up regularly. I would need to pay somebody to do it, which would take me into the project management role of managing specialists.

I do however have presence in written, audio and visual modes of output. ‘Written’ is covered by my books, emails and print newsletter (coming next year). Audio is covered by my podcast. Video for me is the weakest link, but I do have a YouTube channel.

A few years ago I ran a podcast called the ‘Maze Marketing Podcast’. The ‘maze’ is one of Perry Marshall’s concepts. The basic idea is that your best prospects should receive more marketing from you (based on past engagement).

So the more emails you read, the more emails you receive. The less you read, the less you receive.

Likewise with ads, the more times you visit somebody’s website, the more paid ads you see from them. To an engaged prospect it should look like you’re omnipresent! When actually, they’re only seeing your message everywhere because they’re engaging with your marketing.

You can build ‘the maze’ using offline media, too. Most business owners view direct mail as expensive, but you only want to send direct mail to people who have engaged with you on other channels. Sending a letter to the top 15% of your list won’t cost all that much, making it a high ROI strategy.

We eventually abandoned the Maze Marketing Podcast, largely because most businesses weren’t ready for it. It’s an advanced technique, not a starting point.

The starting point is to make sure you have some presence in written, audio and video channels. Of the three, you will have one ‘primary channel’ which acts as your main platform. But you can ‘appear everywhere’ simply by showing up in all three modes.

If anything, this is a very good reason to consider starting a podcast. A podcast is primarily an audio experience, but can also provide video and written output too.

Later on, you can layer on a paid retargeting strategy, or structure your email sequences so that people who open and click receive more emails. But the starting point is to establish a base in each of the three modes.

Appearing ‘omnipresent’ is extremely difficult and expensive if you try to do it for everyone. It’s more doable if you’re only trying to reach a subset of your best prospects.

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