Workflow is the secret to writing consistency. Let me share my own workflow for writing a daily email column…

Mostly my emails begin life as a physical note in my notebook. Then at about 2PM each day, I realise two things:

1. I need to pick the kids up in an hour (aargh!)

2. I haven’t started tomorrow’s email yet, beyond a vague notebook outline

I’ll then write manically for 30 minutes. Later I’ll spend another 30 minutes rewriting, editing and scheduling the email for tomorrow. I’ll go to bed convinced the email is ‘perfect’.

At 8AM the next day I’ll log into my email platform, send another test and shake my head at the glaring mistakes. I’ll spend about 10-15 minutes making small edits, corrections and adjustments.

You see, editing really does expand to fill all available space! You might say that editing is both a necessary evil and a secret saboteur to consistent marketing.

So in case you missed it, I’d like to point you towards my podcast conversation with Patty French, published just before Christmas. Patty is a professional editor and did my line editing last time I updated Simple Story Selling.

Listen in here

Since my conversation with Patty I’ve revised the way I use Grammarly, which is an immediate efficiency gain.

If you ever find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of time ‘polishing’ your emails, you should make time to listen to this episode.

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