This month I’ve asked my Story Selling Lab members to write a blog post exploring who they are, who they serve, and where they’re going with their work. This is an annual piece and one that could well end up on your ‘About Us’ page.

(You’ve been meaning to update your ‘About Us’ page for a while, right?)

My version is below. I hope it inspires you to write yours. If you need help, join us in the Lab (link above).

Ready? Here we go…

I’m Rob. Like all of us, I’m many things: father, husband, runner, reader, writer. In my work I help pioneering small business owners to be seen as the leaders they really are.

You’re not a newbie in business: you know your stuff. Your tribe look to you for guidance. For the right people you consistently provide transformational results.

Anyone can get into business, but to be seen as a leader is something else. Being seen requires you to show up authentically on a consistent basis. It requires a body of work. It requires systems.

Building these systems is more work than most marketing ‘gurus’ will have you believe. The path to a sale is more of a cross-channel dance than a linear funnel. People rarely follow the steps you plan for them at the times you want!

Your existing clients love working with you, but you want a larger and more predictable flow of educated client leads. People who know what you’re all about before they book a call.

Over the years you’ve been in business, you’ve likely talked to more than enough people interested in your work. The bottlenecks usually are clarity over the value you provide, clarity over your offer and an unwillingness to follow-up authentically for long enough in multiple media.

My work here is to solve these problems using words, systems and stories.

Why Telling Your Story is Work Worth Doing

Telling your story is a key that can unlock your sovereign power. In my book I describe this as a ‘business growth lever’: something that can catapult you from one level to the next.

I believe the incumbent power structures of the world don’t want an abundance of sovereign, independently powerful entrepreneurs. People who understand their value and collaborate with others to command their own destiny. People who are unafraid to tell their story.

My perspective has changed since I’ve had kids. My son Hugo is in his second year of primary school. It’s been amazing this year to see him read, write and draw; even if 98% of those drawings are dinosaurs.

I passionately believe in education, but I don’t believe our current education system prepares us very well as humans. Most higher-level education is narrow vocational training, not education. (When I was at university I lived with medical students who could barely tie their shoelaces!)

Real education teaches practical, useful skills; or encourages you to think. We aren’t taught at school how to grow food, forage, trade, meditate, understand ourselves, or express our genius. Your story is the mechanism to do the latter.

I want you to stand fully in your unique genius in service to others, as a ‘category of one’. To do that you’ll need to tell your story. Your story lets people see your genius for themselves before they work with you. It’s the oldest foundation of trust.

I think we need trust, collectively. We need real connections with the people and brands who can best support us. Storytelling helps create an analogue connection: a connection with feeling.

As I write this in December 2023 there is a lot of talk of increasing mayhem ahead. More war. More migration. More inflation. A quite probable financial system meltdown (perhaps obfuscated by war or a false-flag ‘cyber attack’).

One thing I know for certain: we are living through a Paradigm shift, and hopefully for the better. Only recently has it been possible to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. Despite the chaos, it’s fully possible to live and work on your own terms. Every small business is now a ‘lifestyle business’.

My daughter Rumer was born on 20th March 2020, the day ‘lockdown’ was imposed in the UK. My burning desire is for her to grow up as free-thinking as possible, blazing a path that provides what Maslow called ‘self-actualisation’. This should be doable for anyone, without spending years wandering the wilderness figuring out what you are here to do.

I want to help express your superpower to the world. I believe the world needs that. Achieving a positive Paradigm shift only needs a small number of leaders to do this; the rest will follow. Anyone can be a leader, in even a small way, in your corner of the world.

It feels to me like a year to knuckle down, pull everything together and do the work. Not only that, but do the work together. It can be lonely to sit with your thoughts in front of a keyboard.

To me, the written word is still paramount. Writing a message forces you to slow down and think carefully about what you are trying to say. Writing offers permanence and consistency. As AI amplifies the marketing noise levels there will be a growing need for truly authentic, insightful content. Your audience demands quality over quantity.

The developments in AI aren’t all bad news. For instance, it’s increasingly possible to convert audio transcripts into good written content. That’s a positive use of AI, because many people find it easier to talk than to write. But at some point, you’re still going to need to weave the right words into a compelling narrative. There are no magic solutions to that part.

Telling your story to attract clients is both an artistic expression and a numbers-based testing endeavour. Creation and optimisation are the two sides of the coin. Both sides matter equally.

In recent years I’ve stood too one-sidedly in the ‘artistic creation’ side of my work. My background in Google ads means I can also test and optimise. The feedback from every client I’ve ever worked with is that I’m ‘logical’. I have it in my superpower to help you measure and optimise your results. Ultimately, good marketing should deliver a tangible result.

One option I’m exploring this year is ‘results-based’ billing. If you hire me to build your marketing systems, does it matter how many words I write, or how many hours I spend writing? All that really matters are results.

To get started, head to my services page.

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