One day in 2004 I was busy stuffing letters into envelopes when my boss Marjorie walked in. “Apparently,” she began, “it takes an average of seven marketing touchpoints before someone responds,” she said.

I looked at her over a huge pile of mailers, feeling unconvinced. Even in 2004, before the incessant noise of social media, it didn’t add up. If somebody had ignored six of our mailers, why would they respond to the seventh? It felt like a poorly-rigged numbers game fuelled by a lot of envelope-stuffing elbow grease.

So here’s the question: how much marketing do you really need? Unless you bump into all your clients in the street, you usually need some.

The dream of course is to send out 10 letters, follow them up with a phone call and generate 7 clients. (Then kick back and do the work!) The trouble is, you only get that kind of response rate by mailing the hottest of prospects.

Your hottest prospects are people who already know, like and trust you. In fact, you’re the only person they want to work with!

Getting to that position in somebody’s mind takes a lot of groundwork. Usually, you need a platform of some sort. Perhaps an email newsletter, podcast, book, or YouTube channel.

When I say this you can see the overwhelm etched into people’s faces. The way to beat this overwhelm is to just do one to a consistent publishing schedule.

For me, that’s the email you’re reading now. I do a bit of podcasting too, plus the odd video here and there, but those aren’t my core platform.

Consistency in your core platform changes your approach to marketing. Rather than trying to make more noise in as many channels as possible, you’re now dedicated to creating a signal.

Your ideal clients will tune into that signal. Once your platform is in place it might be possible to send 10 letters and generate 7 clients. But you have to do the groundwork first, and consistency is the key.

You operate your platform from a position of service, rather than extraction. Serve first, sell second.

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