My work straddles the gap between authentic storytelling and efficient marketing automation. Your communications always sit within a system, so you can never divorce one from the other.

I endlessly scribble flowcharts in my notebooks of what my email sequences ought to look like. In essence, my sequences are very simple. After a new contact opts in they receive:

1. A welcome email

2. My Lead Incubator onboarding sequence

3. After that they’re added to these ongoing daily emails

So far, so good. But what offers are made at each point? What landing pages are used? What are the handful of metrics you need on your marketing dashboard?

You can try mapping these things out in Lucidchart, or some other visual mapping solution. My preference however is to cover the wall above my desk with spare lining paper and scribble on that.

(Full Image)

At first glance this might look complicated, but only because it contains both pages and flows…

Anything rectangular is a form, or a landing page containing a form. So the first form is the Lead Incubator opt-in, which currently is my only entry point. Going downwards there are further ‘thank you’ page forms: one inviting you to join my print mailing list, another inviting you to book a ‘coffee call’. So going down one form feeds into the next from each thank you page.

The three ‘flows’ listed above are shown as circular. The blue ‘M’s are metrics, of which you want less than five. Mine are:

1. New subscriptions (my opt-in offer)

2. Book sales (my nurture product offer)

3. Coffee calls (these are also called ‘Story Planning Calls’; I’m playing around with the wording)

4. Lab signups (my training offer)

You can cross reference your map against your current marketing assets to see what exists, what doesn’t, and what needs ‘mending’. You can also put historical numbers and goals to each metric if you wish.

You can’t work on an email sequence without working on a landing page, order form or call booking link, which is why drawing a ‘map’ is helpful.

It’ hard to do this for your own business, simply because you’re too close to it. So for help with this, book a ‘Story Planning Call’ :-).

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