I was telling you yesterday about three ingredients for marketing success: clarity, execution and detachment…

Clarity is the starting point. We all struggle for clarity over our own unique value.

Without clarity, you tend to go around in circles with your marketing. You jump from tactic to tactic, from agency to agency, from specialist to specialist. You lie awake at night thinking of new ways to attract clients.

Announcing the Magic Marketing Mirror…

I’ve known Aveline Clarke and Remeny Armitage for a few years through the 6 Star Leaders community. We ran an event in November called ‘Ignite Your Marketing Purposefully in 2024’, which you can catch the highlights of here

Ave’s area of genius is understanding your genius. Remeny’s is understanding your clients (through real interviews, not avatar exercises). Mine is understanding which stories to tell to potential clients.

The Magic Marketing Mirror is our new combined process for uncovering your genius, pinpointing your best stories, and understanding the conversations happening in your marketplace.

Ultimately, the Magic Marketing Mirror will replace my current ‘Story Jumpstart’ process. It’s a more complete review of your messaging – you get three sharp marketing brains cross-examining your business.

The outcome is a blueprint containing all the foundational marketing content you need to gain clarity, inner peace, and confidence in marketing your business.

Dial in your marketing messaging by truly understanding:

1. What really makes you different, at the deepest human level

2. How you’re really perceived by the outside world, in their own words

3. What stories you might tell to illuminate your genius to potential clients

Want to work with us, save money, and help us develop the process?

Until 1st April, all Magic Marketing Mirror projects are half-price, but places are limited. We can do a maximum of 9 at the introductory rate. (I’m not going to talk prices here, but let’s just say it’s a good deal!)

If this sounds interesting, fill in the form here to reserve a place in the queue. We’ll then have a short Zoom call to talk you through the process. There’s no commitment up front, and no deposit.

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Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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