In the late 1960’s Howard Gossage asked whether whether advertising would be worth saving in the final reckoning. He concluded that billboards are a plague and that most companies lay advertising on too thick.

The same question has plagued me in recent years. Am I just providing a service that helps make more noise, because in the short term it puts food on the table? If I were to start again would I do something different?

I don’t actually know that I would.

Looking at worldly goings on it’s fairly clear that at route cause we’re ruled by unelected, unaccountable weak men; some of whom hide in the shadows and already own everything anyway. (Which apparently, isn’t enough!)

What we need, I think, is better leaders from the bottom up.

If you’re a business owner you’re a leader, de facto. You’re in service to others, and service comes with responsibility.

Just yesterday somebody I follow sent me an email with the following:

The world doesn’t need fewer great people, it needs more.

The world doesn’t need great people to keep themselves a secret. It actually needs to know where to find them.

Such is the use case for marketing. Marketing doesn’t need saving, but it does need redefining. Maybe the best marketing doesn’t even show up as ‘marketing’, but as a valued act of service.

We need to work through these questions together. On Thursday 30th November I’m co-running a free workshop called ‘Ignite your Marketing Purposefully in 2024’, alongside Aveline Clarke and Remeny Armitage.

Ave and Rem are two of my closest supporters. I’ve interviewed both for the Story Selling podcast (herehere and here). We all bring different pieces to the marketing puzzle. Ave’s skill is understanding yourself. Rem’s skill is understanding your clients. Mine is converting it all into words.

If you can spare 90 minutes on Thursday 30th November, I’d love to see you as part of our panel discussion. Registration is on LinkedIn. (If you’re not on LinkedIn send me a message and I’ll sort something out).


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