The volume of marketing swirling around online has dramatically increased since the late 2000’s, fuelled by the expansion of social media.

Fuelled by AI, the volume of marketing is predicted to exponentially even further over the next few years!

My stance is that this doesn’t matter too much, because most of this increase in noise will be inconsistent, inauthentic, or completely miss the mark.

Your ideal client still has the same amount of time and attention. If you sell over a reasonable timeframe, or if you sell multiple times to the same person, your job is to cement yourself into their media consumption habits.

When this is the relationship you have with your best clients, the increase in marketing noise gives you an advantage. Increasing noise creates more confusion in the marketplace. What people want in that situation is somebody they can trust and rely on.

Because you’re trustworthy, right? If so it’s time to demonstrate it.

Incidentally, the volume of marketing swirling around offline has decreased since the late 2000’s. An unglamorous but effective strategy is to:

1. Show up consistently every day in one place online (or at least every other day)

2. Show up periodically offline to your best clients

Your best clients will appreciate the analogue connection. Frankly, it’s nice to receive anything in the mail that isn’t a bill.

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