When you strip it right back to basics, marketing is only about three things:

1. Being truly outstanding at what you do.

Good marketing begins with operations and delivery. You also need clarity on the value you provide (as valued by your clients!)

2. Having at least one reliable source of new leads.

This could be networking. It could be pushing leaflets through doors. It could be one or two referral sources. For most of my clients, LinkedIn seems to be the primary pond to fish in.

3. Having robust, authentic follow-up systems to convert new contacts into educated prospects.

My favourite follow-up channel is email, but you could include webinars, events, direct mail etc. You might also have one or more education products, such as books or courses.

In recent years, my work has mostly focused on marketing follow-up (point 3 above). The trouble is, building systems to educate people only works if you have a steady stream of people wanting to be educated!

For most of my clients, generating consistent leads is still the number one marketing problem. I’m writing a lot about LinkedIn because I’ve decided this can’t be ignored.

I work mostly with expertise-based service providers, so LinkedIn is usually the best pond to fish in. The big alternative is Google, but only if a lot of people search for terms closely related to what you do. Meta is still valid if you’re in a hobby, interests or lifestyle business.

In regards to general LinkedIn best practice, I don’t have much to say. There are plenty of books about setting up your profile, posting effectively, building your network and so on. I see other people doing all this (and also spending a LOT of time on it), but it isn’t my wheelhouse.

Paid advertising however IS!

What I know for certain is that:

  • LinkedIn is primarily a pay-to-play media platform. You can pay in time, cash or both.
  • The LinkedIn ads platform is highly credible, with excellent lead generation formats. But you need to know what you’re doing.
  • The best offer is a short guide, checklist or template. Something that immediately helps your ideal client. It won’t completely solve their problem, but it’s immediately useful
  • You need to follow-up with LinkedIn leads by email (as a minimum) if you want to convert leads into clients. Running LinkedIn ads as a standalone tactic won’t do you much good.
  • Creating a successful ad campaign and follow-up system requires a level of thinking that AI can’t do

As well as the LinkedIn mini-course starting next week, I’m also creating a ‘done for you’ offer where I setup your campaigns, lead magnet and follow-up systems, then hand the whole thing back to you (with ongoing support also available as an option.)

I’m looking for a few beta clients. I’m doing a 40% reduction on all quotes during the launch phase.

If you’ve been meaning to set up a LinkedIn ads campaign and just aren’t getting around to it, take a look here. I’ll include access to the mini-course, too.

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Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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