When a new client lead appears my first instinct is to apply the theory of constraints to ask: is your most burning problem one that I uniquely can best solve?

To answer this there are a few key marketing bottlenecks to pay attention to. These bottlenecks are also fulcrum points for transforming results; these are hinges that can swing big doors.

1. Lead generation.

I know, you yawned internally at that one. Everyone thinks they need more traffic, and that attracting more of the right leads is a humongous hairy marketing problem. In fact, most clients think this is the sole problem they need to solve! “If only I could pour in an infinite number of leads, everything would be all right!

Uh, sure. But unfortunately, unless you can offer a low value product to recoup some of your marketing costs, leads are an expense rather than an asset. In and of itself a bigger list is just a more expensive thing to have!

2. Follow-up.

Ah, the most neglected of marketing fulcrum points: follow-up. Assuming you have some incoming leads there are a few questions to ask here:

  • Do new subscribers receive something from you every day for at least 7 days after they opt-in?
  • Are your initial follow-up efforts pervasive enough to force someone to decide whether they know, like and trust you? Or are you being overly cautious?
  • Do they see you across multiple channels, spanning written, audio and video-based media?
  • Do you follow-up offline (via a phone call, letter or print newsletter)? Or are you solely reliant on digital? Might be handy if the maniacs who run the world ever decide to ‘crash the internet’.
  • After the initial onboarding period do you have a regular publishing schedule to nurture people who aren’t ready to buy straight away?

If you don’t have satisfactory answers to the above, you should fill in the form at https://storyselling.biz/story-jumpstart/

3. Your offer.

Your offer includes the way you package, name, position and price your services. For a prospect who passes Perry Marshall’s ‘5 Power Disqualifiers’ your offer should be a no-brainer at even a high price point.

The 5 Power Disqualifiers are:

  • Do they have the bleeding neck problem you solve?
  • Do they have the money to solve it?
  • Do they have the decision-making capability?
  • Do they buy into your Unique Selling Proposition?
  • Does what you sell fit their overall plans?

For anyone who passes all five tests, your offer should make absolute sense. If not, you have a problem with your offer!

(For more on this you might also listen to the podcast episode with Angela Tsai).

4. Proof

Is it abundantly clear to a potential client that you consistently provide the outcome you promise in your offer?

You have to provide the result you say you do. You need to have spent time in the school of hard knocks – and emerged the other side. (Or at least have one foot out the door!)

What would you say is the fulcrum point you most need to work on? Feel free to let me know. Genuinely curious.


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Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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