There was a joke going around a while back that LinkedIn is the only thing Microsoft has ever bought and not screwed up. If you sell B2B (as most of my audience do), the advertising platform is now very credible.

By comparison, a few years ago the ads were an expensive joke. You’d be looking at £5 to £10 per click for a small sidebar ad. Those ads were replaced by newsfeed ads (similar to Facebook). But the thing that has changed the game on LinkedIn has been lead ads…

Unlike on Facebook, most LinkedIn users use their business email address to access LinkedIn. Lead ads then provide a LinkedIn-hosted form, pre-populated with the contact’s business email and other known details.

Until a year ago, you’d still be paying hundreds per lead using newsfeed image ads. (Image ads generally outperform video ads, although video ads are better for engagement.) But about a year ago, document ads appeared as a new lead ad option, as well as conversation ads. In one case I saw cost per conversion drop by 80%.

Why? Well document ads allow the user to preview several pages of a PDF live within the ad before completing their details. If you have a truly outstanding lead magnet, document ads let people ‘try before they buy’.

Conversation ads are similar to the old inbox message ads, but have a more interactive, chatbot-style function. I’ve been super-impressed with both.

I’ll be running a mini-course this month for my Story Selling Lab members, walking through each ad format. You also don’t need a huge advertising budget to test these – and I’ll explain why in the training.

The course is included with lab membership, but you must be subscribed before midnight on Friday 16th February to have it included with membership. After that, it’ll be sold separately.

As a member, you also get a monthly accountability call (which is next Thursday, 8th Feb), plus unlimited support forum access.

I’ll be running a mini-course for paying members every other month (with a gap over the summer). For each course to be included in your membership you need to be enrolled before the start date. So the earlier you join, the more you get access to.

Lab membership pricing is also fixed for 2024 but will increase in 2025.

The provisional 2024 course schedule is:

  • Feb: LinkedIn ads for lead gen
  • Apr: Start-to-finish email creation – in 1 hour or less!
  • Jun: Email automation basecamp
  • Sep: Direct mail with Stannp
  • Nov: Google Ads for 2025 and on! (search network only)

Marketing is overwhelming for 99% of people. The Lab is the place to build your customer nurture systems, one doable step at a time.

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