A quick confession…

I spend more time than is good for me in my email inbox.


I can only speak for myself, but email is still my preferred way to receive news, articles and other information from people I follow. Social posts are a ‘nice to have’, but email is my inner sanctum of attention.

(I actually love a print newsletter above all else, but few people I follow offer one. There may be something in that observation.)

Point is, I’m an email user. If you want me to ‘get to know you’, email is the way to go about it. You could tie in things like webinars, podcasts and videos; but email is the bread and butter.

So, I was taking a look through my emails this morning to figure out:

1. Of the people I follow, how many people email to a consistent schedule (at least 2 emails per week)

2. Of those people, how many do I read religiously and how many do I dip into intermittently?

The results are:

Sends frequently, I read almost religiously: 3

Sends frequently, I read intermittently: 7

(Note: not all of these are ‘marketing’ related, I’ve included ALL my email subscriptions in the survey.)

The three I read religiously are the emails I actively look for when I open my inbox. Two send emails every day, or near as. They’re the ones I’d most likely consider buying from.

If you sell high-value services over a potentially long sales cycle, your job is to fix yourself in one of those three spots.

Your reader’s attention is finite: they can only really pay attention to so many people. But for a select handful they have a lot of attention to give. Your ideal clients want to come deeper with you if your email strategy would let them. For expert-led businesses I believe this is the marketing strategy to follow in 2024.

This approach won’t catch on widely of course, because it’s unglamorous, ‘boring’, and quite a lot of work. Nobody looking for an AI-driven magic-button copywriting fix will be doing this! But that’s everyone else’s loss.

You’re already an expert in your field. What’s usually missing is clarity on messaging and consistency in output.

If you’re planning your marketing for 2024, you should consider joining me for a live workshop I’m co-running tomorrow called ‘Ignite Your Marketing Purposefully in 2024’. (9.00AM UK time tomorrow, Thursday 30th November).

If you can’t make it to the live session I’ll write up my top insights next week, but it would be great to see you on the call.

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Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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