Each month in the Story Selling Lab we have a different writing prompt. A specific challenge to keep you writing.

This month’s writing prompt is to repurpose something you wrote more than two years ago. I’m a big fan of fresh content creation, but you can and should re-use your older work, too.

For my part, I was going to repurpose one of my old print newsletters (which I may still do). But instead I’m going to revisit an old lead magnet idea.

You see, my most successful lead magnet is still the first one I ever created back in 2012. The giveaway was a 6-page PDF called ‘How to Waste £1000 on Google AdWords, in No Time Flat’.

Of course, the content of that giveaway is out of date, plus I’m no longer selling Google Ads consulting. But the concept of the giveaway is still good. In effect, you’re taking a humorous approach to your topic and asking: how could you waste money as fast as possible?

(Because let’s face it, that’s what a potential client will do without your help: waste money or time.)

This month our training focus is LinkedIn ads. So I’ve been thinking: how can you waste £1000 on LinkedIn Ads, in no time flat?

Quite easily, it turns out!

This is my initial list of top money-wasting ideas:

1. Run ads continuously during the testing phase

2. Consider all LinkedIn lead form submissions as ‘hot leads’. (Don’t worry, they don’t need nurturing, emailing or anything!)

3. Target like a million people

4. Leave the ‘audience expansion’ option selected (i.e. target many million more)

5. Only test one offer – and blame LinkedIn when it doesn’t work

There are some others too, but you’ll have to wait for the full guide.

This month’s LinkedIn mini-course will be live in the Lab next Friday, 16th Feb. You need to be a member before then to get complimentary access.

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