Every week I do a journaling exercise where I write out a question with my right hand (my dominant hand), and answer it with my left.

The answers – when I’m able to read my writing – can be surprising, like letting loose the unconscious part of your brain. I don’t always ask serious questions, either. For instance:

Right Hand: “Go on then, what’s the secret marketing sauce for consistent results?”

Left Hand: “Clarity. Execution. Detachment.

(I rarely write left-handed in full sentences, so the answers I get tend to be one or two-word sledgehammer strikes.)

Still, I think there’s something true about ‘clarity – execution – detachment’…

Clarity comes from clarity on your value, clarity on your message, clarity on your story, and clarity about your customer.

Execution is to do with speed, efficiency, and ‘seeing things through’. And, I might add, documentation. You know you have an execution problem if your marketing archive is littered with half-finished lead magnets.

Detachment means obsessing over quality and process and not overly worrying about the outcome. You have a detachment issue if you rarely look at your stats (or your bank balance) when things aren’t going too well. Ruthless split-testing requires a level of detachment about the outcome.

It’s a useful exercise to score yourself on each. I’d rate myself highly on all three when I’m working on a client account. After all, it’s easy to achieve detachment when it isn’t your gig!

For my own business, I’d give myself 60% on clarity, 70% on execution, and 40% on detachment. The scores are useful in a relative sense; you’ll likely have one much lower than the others.

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Rob Drummond

Rob is the founder of StorySelling.biz.

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