I published a book in 2018 with Jonathan Wilson called Maze Remarketing. In writing the book the plan was to transcribe a handful of episodes from our podcast, then use the transcripts as the raw material for the book.

Sounds simple, right? Transcribe each episode... Compile the transcripts into a book... Publish the book on Amazon. Sit back and watch the dollars roll in!

Or... not.

Halfway through editing the first episode I found myself banging my head against the wall in Starbucks, 3 double espressos deep. The automated transcription tools understood Jonathan okay, but definitely not me! The human transcription services were better but expensive at the volume of words we needed.

I wouldn’t quite say the job became a ‘nightmare’. I completed it, with a lot of grumbling and about 36 double espressos. But I certainly wouldn’t attempt to follow the same process for a client.

In the 5 years since we published Maze Remarketing I’ve carried on podcasting. Podcasting as a standalone medium is a slow burn for lead generation, but the possibilities for converting the transcripts into other media are tantalising.

I’ve tested dozens of automated transcription tools, including AI-driven tools such as Read.ai and Otter. I’ve hit the token limit in ChatGPT, and generally been disappointed by the output.

These tools are getting better… but it’s still a ton of work. And frankly, they still don’t understand my accent very well!

Yesterday I trialled a new tool on the recommendation of a client. This tool feeds the podcast audio (or any audio/video) into ChatGPT4, which is the latest paid version of ChatGPT. It then tidies up the transcript on upload.

As an initial test I uploaded my last podcast episode with Aveline Clarke about ‘Uncovering Your Genius’. You should take a look at the output - frankly I’m blown away. I spent around 45 minutes tidying a few things up, plus making Aveline’s sections bold and mine italic. But for the time spent I’m really impressed.

What’s more, the tool will generate AI-driven social posts, summary notes, timestamps, quotation snippets; even a draft email to promote the episode. You can also ask the tool to generate content by reviewing multiple recordings as your base input (generally for longer pieces of writing – print newsletters, book chapters, lead magnets and pillar blog posts).

From the timestamps and quotation snippets I’ve been exporting shorter video clips in various formats, usable for Instagram stories, LinkedIn videos, or longer sections to grow a YouTube presence. These elements could become part of a paid strategy to grow your audience. From the transcript itself you can generate a steady stream of emails, social posts and web content to nurture potential clients.

So it’s only taken me 5 years to figure out, but if you sell based on trust and expertise the ‘podcast first’ approach to marketing now looks like the best approach!

This isn’t a ‘quick fix’ or ‘marketing hack’. It requires thought and planning. But it won’t require 36 double espressos.

If you don’t currently have a podcast, and feel trepidation at the thought of starting one, I’m currently scoping out a ‘Podcast Co-pilot’ service. Effectively I would be your podcast planning strategist and interview partner, with my voice edited out of the final podcast production. We’ll then plug each episode into the process described above to generate:

  • Blog posts
  • Emails (broadcast newsletters or automated sequences)
  • Print newsletters (with an automated sending mechanism)
  • Social posts and video content
  • Books
  • Lead magnets

Your podcast will then become the engine that powers your marketing follow-up strategy. Ideal clients can engage with your body of work across different modes (written, audio or video). If you already have a podcast, then we can convert past episodes into fresh content. Or past webinars, for that matter.

All of this is in development as a service offering, but send me a quick email if you’d like a quick call to discuss what’s possible. As a beta service there will be fairly significant savings in the short term.


P.S. Next week’s webinar on Thursday 26th (1PM UK time) will still explore my Lead Incubator email sequence structure. Webinar registration is here, plus you can register for the event on LinkedIn if you’d prefer to watch there. (I'll be attempting to sync from Zoom to LinkedIn).

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