Use LinkedIn Ads to Generate an Affordable, Consistent Flow of Clients

Get Your Ads Running Profitably - Without a Big Agency Fee

You spend some time on LinkedIn each week… maybe even every day. You know your ideal clients are on LinkedIn, too. You post consistently, sharing tips, wisdom and insight.

But despite the ‘likes’, you’re mostly shouting into the abyss. For the amount of time you’ve spent posting, you don’t have many clients to show for it.

You know your potential clients are on LinkedIn. You’ve seen them. They’re in your network, liking your posts!

The thing is, you’re extremely good at what you do. You have years of experience behind you. You deliver exceptional value to the right person. But how do you get potential clients to see all that?

Guerrilla LinkedIn Ads is my LinkedIn Ads setup service for founder-led service providers...

  • 16 years of ads management experience
  • Deliver results on a small testing budget, then expand
  • Reach exactly the right people
  • Affordable service for founder-led service providers

Here’s The Thing...

LinkedIn positions itself as a public networking utility. When really, it’s a for-profit advertising platform. Unless you’ve cultivated a large engaged audience it’s a pay-to-play environment.

So it’s up to you: you can spend the time building up your organic reach, or you can incorporate paid ads into the mix.

(To be clear, this is a scale, not one or the other! Some people who see your ads WILL check out your profile, so it needs to be active and up to date.)

Aren’t LinkedIn Ads Expensive?

The most common objection is that LinkedIn can be ‘expensive’. Viewed solely as a per click cost, then yes the costs can be higher than other networks.

But compared to the cost of a typical Google Ads click, it’s not much more expensive. You’re also adverting to exactly the right people, in the right industries, at the right company sizes, at the right level of seniority, with the right roles and interests.

If you can budget a few hundred pounds (or dollars) a month as a testing budget, then you can reach your ideal clients consistently. (The trick is not to run ads over the complete month!)

It’s About Cost Per Lead, Not Cost Per Click!

On any ad network, all that matters is how much you spend, how many leads you generate, and how many of those leads become clients.

Until recently, generating enough leads on LinkedIn was still tough. You really did need big budgets, an outstanding lead magnet and excellent ad copy. You still need those things, but recent ad format changes have tipped the balance in your favour. 

There has never been a better time to run LinkedIn ads as a small founder-led business. Great results ARE possible without a huge advertising budget. You can spend a few hundred a month as a test budget, and increase spend once you see results.

What’s The Catch?

The catch is that a person who fills in one of your LinkedIn ‘lead forms’ isn’t yet a qualified lead! They’re people interested enough to exchange their permission and email address for your initial offer, but they’re rarely ready to work with you… yet!

The secret to LinkedIn ads is that you need a great onboarding email sequence to send to new contacts. I call this sequence the ‘Lead Incubator’. This can be anywhere from 3 to 14 days, with a clear, compelling offer at the end of this sequence.

In short, you need systems to nurture and educate your new contacts! As a minimum, you need a great email sequence AFTER people enter your world.

Your email sequence acts as a litmus test. The people who are a good fit for you and your services will read your emails, and respond to the offer you place at the end.

The real selling happens via email. LinkedIn is a way to increase your pool of potential clients. It’s a great place to provide value up front. Your metrics then are:

  1. How much did you spend on ads
  2. How many people responded to your ads
  3. How many of those people completed a commercially valuable action (booked a call, booked a demo etc)

The Full System Looks Like This:

What’s The Service?

My service is that I’ll get your LinkedIn ads setup, tracked and optimised. I’ll then show you the controls so you can turn it on or off, or create new ads quickly yourself. If you need it, I’ll help you create a compelling ‘lead magnet’ to offer people in your ads, plus an automated email sequence to nurture your leads.

I document what I’m doing so you can see where everything ‘lives’ (if you need to make minor changes, for instance). 

How Much Is It?

Well, it depends on what you need. If you need a new lead magnet and email sequence, that will expand the scope of your project.  If you want to do direct mail that will also affect your quote. (I highly recommend direct mail, but you can start with just email if you like.)

In short, you’re looking at an upfront investment to get everything set up, documented and running.

This investment should stand you in good stead for years into the future. Your ‘Lead Incubator’ email sequence can be used for ALL new subscribers, not just LinkedIn. Beyond the setup period, I have a range of lower-priced options for ongoing monitoring, optimisation, or consulting.

Setup projects above £1K can be paid over three months, or up front with a 5% discount. Beyond the setup period (usually 1-2 months) I can provide options for ongoing support. You can scale the level of support up or down as needed.

Who Is This For / Not For?

  • For: expert service providers with a proven track record
  • For: purpose-led entrepreneurs. Your work changes the world for the better
  • Not for: e-commerce brands or other 'business to consumer' operations
  • Not for: branding or general awareness campaigns

What’s Included / Not Included?

Included: All work will be detailed in your quote, but on the advertising side I'll include a 'starting pack' of 10 ad concepts to test, plus unlimited amends.

Not included: I'm not a graphic designer, so if you need image or video creative that can't be done in Canva (or Paint!), you'll need a designer.

If you need a pack of images I can connect you with an experienced designer. I can also connect you with a headshot professional if you need new personal images. But mostly we’ll be using ad formats that don’t require many images.

What’s Next?

Enter your details below and we’ll arrange a quick kick-off call to discuss your business. If I don’t think the service is right for you, I’ll see if I can recommend somebody else. I only work with a small number of clients at any time, so unlike working with a big agency you get my direct attention.