Use LinkedIn Ads to Generate an Affordable, Consistent Flow of Clients

Get Your Ads Running Profitably - Without a Big Agency Fee

At a Glance:

  • Run affordable ads on LinkedIn to grow your email list 
  • Expand your pool of potential clients
  • Get your campaigns up and running for £897, with ongoing support options after that

Full Details:

You spend some time on LinkedIn each week… maybe even every day. You know your ideal clients are on LinkedIn, too. You post consistently, sharing tips, wisdom and insight.

But despite the ‘likes’, you’re mostly shouting into the abyss. For the amount of time you’ve spent posting, you don’t have many clients to show for it.

You know your potential clients are on LinkedIn. You’ve seen them. They’re in your network, liking your posts!

The thing is, you’re extremely good at what you do. You have years of experience behind you. Your company can deliver exceptional value to the right client. But how do you get potential clients to see all that?

Guerrilla LinkedIn Ads is my LinkedIn Ads setup service for purposeful service providers...

  • 16 years of ads management experience
  • Deliver results on a small testing budget, then expand
  • Reach exactly the right people
  • Affordable service for founder-led service providers

Aren’t LinkedIn Ads Expensive?

The most common objection is that LinkedIn can be ‘expensive’. Yes is CAN be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You can start small and scale up. Plus with LinkedIn Ads, you’re adverting to exactly the right people, in the right industries, at the right company sizes, at the right level of seniority, with the right roles and interests.

If you can budget a few hundred pounds (or dollars) a month as a testing budget, then you can reach your ideal clients consistently. 

Great Results Are Possible - Even on a Small Budget

Until recently, it was hard to run LinkedIn Ads profitably for a small business. You needed big budgets, an outstanding lead magnet and excellent ad copy. Recent ad format changes have tipped the balance in your favour. 

The ad format to be aware of is 'Conversation ads'. 'Conversation ads' appear as sponsored messages in people's inboxes.

As an example, I recently helped a client to test some conversation ads on LinkedIn to grow her email list. We tested two campaigns. The first campaign ran for 3 days, spent £35.20, and generated 3 leads (£11.73 per lead). Which as a first attempt is pretty good!

The second campaign targeted one specific vertical, so the audience size was much smaller. Across the first three days, we spent £28.60, generating 8 leads for £3.58 per lead.

There has never been a better time to run LinkedIn ads as a small founder-led business. Great results ARE possible without a huge advertising budget. You can spend a few hundred a month as a test budget, and increase spend once you see results.

What’s The Catch?

The catch is that a person who fills in one of your LinkedIn ‘lead forms’ isn’t yet a sales-qualified lead! They’re rarely ready to book a demo, request a quote, or jump on a call with you... yet!

The secret to LinkedIn ads is that you need a great onboarding email sequence to send to new contacts. You need to nurture and educate your new contacts. As a minimum, you need a great email sequence to deliver and follow up on the lead magnet offered in your ad. The real 'selling' happens via email. 

The Full System Looks Like This:

How To Get Started

If You Already Have a LinkedIn Ads Account...

If you have an existing ad account I'll start by auditing your current or historical campaigns. We can do this on a call, or you can grant me temporary access to your ad account. (I'll sign a non-disclosure agreement if needed.) 

After that, I'll write up my summary and recommendations and send you a quotation for recommended work. Fill in the form below to request an ad account audit.

If You DON'T Have an Ad Account...

If you're new to LinkedIn Ads we'll start with a 'Conversation Kickstart' project. Conversation Kickstart is a small setup project to let you test conversation ads on LinkedIn. As part of Conversation Kickstart we’ll:

  • Spend an hour online talking about your work, story and customers. This conversation will provide the raw material for the initial ads
  • Create 5 different conversation ads
  • Link your LinkedIn forms to your email marketing system
  • Create one email to go immediately to anyone who completes the lead form. This email will continue the conversation started by the ad, and explain why you do what you do. It can also contain a call to action
  • Setup a dashboard outside of LinkedIn - so you can check your results without getting lost!
  • I’ll keep an eye on the ads for a month and make any necessary adjustments


Conversation Kickstart is only for people outside the EU. (If you’re in the EU, or targeting EU countries, LinkedIn won’t let you run conversation ads).

You do need an existing email marketing system. Setting one up is doable but would expand the scope of the project. (Fill in the form below, but request a custom quote).

How Much Is It

Conversation Kickstart costs £897 (no VAT), not including media spend. Although as demonstrated above, you won’t be spending much initially. This price can be converted to another currency. 

At the end of the project I’ll provide options for ongoing support. One of these is simply for you to take over the ad account yourself with an optional degree of support. Another is to switch to an ongoing management arrangement. The latter is more expensive but more popular!

Who Is This For / Not For?

  • For: expert service providers with a proven track record
  • For: purpose-led entrepreneurs. Your work changes the world for the better
  • For: purpose-led marketing teams who lack these skills in-house
  • Not for: e-commerce brands or other 'business to consumer' operations
  • Not for: branding or general awareness campaigns

What Clients Have Said

I just have to tell you that you are brilliant! They are still signing up. 2 so far this morning and it's Saturday - 7 yesterday...

Moira Gelman


Rob's got this rare talent to combine some key skills that I don't often see in one person together. He's a story-telling marketer, adept at delving into mine or a client's backstories and then finding ways to interweave those stories with the service that's being provided. He's then great at turning this into creative follow-up materials - assets that can be used over very long follow-up timescales, which I and other businesses with long client decision cycles love. At the same time, he's as adept and as comfortable deep in the mechanics, analytics and A/B testing of ad campaigns. This balance of creativity, copywriting, perception and analytical and process thinking is a rare combination of talents to balance left- and right-brain thinking in one expert.

Gareth Everson

Gareth Everson

Lemonade Plan / Soloprenyear

What’s Next?

Enter your details below and we’ll arrange a quick kick-off call to discuss your business. If I don’t think the service is right for you, I’ll see if I can recommend somebody else. I only work with a small number of clients at any time, so unlike working with a big agency you get my direct attention.

If you have questions, give me a call on (+44)114 551 7114. Please leave a voicemail if I can't answer.