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Convert new contacts into qualified leads within 12 days - by telling your story. Beat the blank screen: join our free email list and download your 'Lead Incubator' welcome sequence blueprint.

What You'll Learn

What's a 'Lead Incubator'?

The Lead Incubator is a blueprint for building trust with new email subscribers. The sequence showcases both your unique wisdom and the outcome you provide to your clients. By joining our free email list you'll see how the sequence works and what it can do for your business.

Who Is This For?

You’re a service provider who sells on trust and expertise. People need to know, like and trust you before they’ll work with you. For the right client, you provide a unique transformation or outcome. But marketing feels hard. New prospects don't immediately grasp your value. Your marketing sounds like everybody else's.

What Will You Learn?

Once you enter your details I’ll explain how to tell your story to new potential clients by email. I'll send you my own Lead Incubator series: reading my stories will help you think about yours. I’ll explain how to test and optimise your sequence.

How Will You Feel At The End?

You’ll be raring to go and write it! Even if you’re not a ‘copywriter’, and don’t usually like to write. You'll feel confident that your story matters and that telling it in your marketing is an important priority.

ABout Rob

Your Story is a Goldmine Underneath Your Feet

I'm Rob Drummond. I'm a copywriter, storyteller and barefoot runner, based in Sheffield, England.

I help purpose-led entrepreneurs to be seen as the leading authority in their niche - without spending a fortune on ads.