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It’s easy to spend a lot of time in marketing comparing yourself to others. Your competitors seem to be effortlessly running ads, using funnels, publishing lead magnets and sending emails. From the outside it looks all so easy.

So why then is marketing your own services so damn hard?

Doing anything takes a long time. Anything!

You go to edit a sales page, then realise you also need to update your ads, lead magnet and welcome email. You end up staring at your ‘My Documents’ folder trying to remember where you saved everything.

You go to update an order form and remember you need an email sequence to onboard new clients once they sign up. Aargh! What are you going to say in those emails? When will you even find time to write them!?

When you do find time to sit down and write the words don't come easily. You tend to include a lot of detail; too much detail. (Detail is safe, right? You know about detail). Every time you write a story you worry you might be distracting people from your message. Getting started is the hardest thing.

Consequently, nothing really gets done. Nobody is holding you accountable. You get busy with client work, but then the client work dries up. You don’t have a ‘pipeline’ of work because you haven’t published anything in a while. Your follow-up systems aren’t documented, tested and optimised.

Your clients love working with you, but marketing feels like a time-consuming mess. You’ve spent thousands on courses that seem to work for everyone – except you.

But at the same time, you know marketing matters. You don’t want to outsource the creation of your message. You don’t want to lose control. The words matter.

Is this you, writing an email?

Imagine that one Tuesday morning you have an idea for a new email. But writing the email feels... intimidating.

You open a blank Word document. You decide what story you are going to tell. Eventually, after hours of mental anguish, you decide that all your stories are too boring and skip the story altogether. You stick to writing about your product's features and benefits.

But something seems to be missing. Your writing sounds like anyone else in your marketplace. You've filled the email with 'marketing guru language' - when you read it out loud it doesn't even sound like you.

You want to say more. You know you need to connect with your readers on an emotional level. You know you need to demonstrate how you understand them... perhaps even better than they understand themselves.

You just don’t know where to start.

Get Ongoing Insight, Feedback and Accountability

The Story Selling Lab is the place to build sustainable marketing systems that showcase your true genius. Our goal in the lab is to help you be seen as the expert you already are. To infuse your story and expertise throughout your marketing.

Your ideal client needs you much more than you need them. They want to hear from you more, not less. They want your opinions, wisdom and perspective. 

Each month in the lab we hold a fortnightly accountability call, alternating in focus between paid advertising and content creation. On each call you’ll have time to pick Rob’s brain, ask questions and get feedback on your work. 

If you have questions about ad formats, budgets or conversion tracking, you can get them answered. If you want to know what emails to send first to new subscribers, you can plan them out. If you'd like concise, actionable feedback on both your emails and your ads, you'll get that too. The Story Selling Lab is a safe space to share stories, sharpen your skills and keep your marketing moving forward.

Membership includes:

  • Access to our support forum: ask questions, validate ideas and post your work for feedback
  • Access to my 'Nurture Email Mastery' course and 'LinkedIn Ads for Lead Gen' trainings
  • Access to fortnightly accountability webinars and recordings (calls alternate in theme between paid advertising and content)
  • Access to periodic writing challenges - every few months I post a specific writing challenge

Take a look around:

There is no need to be stuck in your marketing. If you do great work, I want to help bring your work to the world.

Includes My Paid Social Mini-Courses

Membership also includes access to my 'LinkedIn Ads for Lead Gen' mini-course, plus my 'Storytelling for Social Media' mini-course. So you'll have no excuses not to tell engaging stories in both your ads and your organic social posts!

Marketing - and paid advertising in particular - is overwhelming for 99% of people. It doesn't have to feel this way. The Lab is the place to build your customer attraction systems, one doable step at a time.

Includes Nurture Email Mastery (my full 5-week story training)

When you sign up for the Story Selling Lab you’ll also get access to our 5-week Nurture Email Mastery training. The course is our ‘core curriculum’, teaching everything you need to beat writer’s block and convert ideas into finished emails.

As a lab member you can start the course whenever you want, or simply dip into specific lessons as a reference guide. Take a look around:

What students have said:

"If you want to be a writer then following these steps will definitely help you to write more engaging emails."

The step by step production process is clear and methodical. The process for organising story ideas and distilling a story down to a ‘one idea’ are ideas I never would have considered. If you want to be a writer then following these steps will definitely help you to write more engaging emails.

Another outcome of the course is I am now better at spotting story ideas when I see them.

Sara Khoudary  //

"I think it’s the only online course I have ever completed AND learned exactly what I was meant to learn!"

I think it’s the only online course I have ever completed AND learned exactly what I was meant to learn!

I don’t think I’m very good at it yet but practice makes perfect and I now have the framework which is so useful. Makes writing emails feel a whole lot less daunting.

I liked the fact you built in rest days/practice days as it helped me to feel less pressured.

I definitely felt supported throughout the course. I really liked that about it.

Nikki Uglow

Join a Growing, Collaborative Community

The Story Selling Lab is collaborative and multi-disciplinary. Unlike other communities, we don’t devote ourselves to just email. We aren’t just managing ads. We’re collaborating to tie everything together in a cohesive marketing follow-up system.

Who Is Lab Membership For?

You sell based on trust or expertise. You like to write and view it as a good use of your time. 

You desperately want to run LinkedIn Ads successfully but are fearful of burning a metric ton of cash. You want to know which settings to start with to generate leads and minimise your risk.

You're interested in AI, but you want to use it as a tool, not as a magic button. You're not looking towards AI as a magic push-button solution for writing your copy. 

You want to publish consistently without becoming a full-time copywriter! You want a consistent flow of clients without marketing taking over your life.

If that’s you, then the Story Selling Lab is the most cost-effective way to develop your skills, sound out ideas and avoid running down time-consuming dead ends.

How Much Is It?

Lab membership costs just £49 per month (or $62 USD per month / $94 AUD per month), with no long-term contracts. You can pause any time you want, or switch membership levels any time you want. You can also get two months free by joining on an annual subscription. A 14-day money-back guarantee is included with all plans.

Lab membership pricing is fixed for 2024 but will increase in 2025.

"Clients have said they feel like they know me, even though we've never met..."

I started writing stories and putting them on my website as blog posts. I've been sharing them with Rob to help get your feedback on them and improve them. As time went on, I had new referrals from people. Very often in those conversations, people have said, "I feel like I already know you," even though we've never met. I've even had some people say they trust me just from reading my blog posts, which for me is extraordinary. It wasn't something I ever anticipated when I started using using the story approach.

David MacGregor  //

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If you join the Story Selling Lab and decide for ANY reason that this isn’t the right group for you, just let us know within 14 days and we’ll courteously cancel your membership and refund your fees, with no hassle and no hard feelings.

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